Expedition Kayaking and Canoeing

This is probably a good way to start off the vlog blog on ocean expeditioning...w/ a little humor!
Not so 'humorous' if you're the paddler!

Over the years I've never had any problems with Orca! Moral of the story...'don't chap a whale's ass'...they're bigger than us!

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A short clip from professor Skip Snaith showing students in the bay at Mikisagmiut on the NW side of Nunivak Island. Bering Sea, Summer 2005!

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Expedition across the roof of North America. The Inuit Passage was first described after the transit by Martin Leonard III, 1996. Deemed the 'Inuit Passage' as only traditional knowledge was used for route determination. Exemplifying the fact that the NW Passage remains a European fable...the traditional trails and transportation routes across the Arctic existed long before western 'explorers' set forth the notion of an ocean pathway from Pacific to Atlantic Ocean basins.

Project to design, build and test the fastest touring kayak and emulate traditional designs, dubed 'The Cheetah Project', was successful in many ways...fast and light being the modus operandi!

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